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Draws a lot of shitty fanarts. Likes : Doctor Strange by Marvel Comics, Doctor Who by BBC, Bernice Summerfield and Gallifrey by Big Finish.
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I’m in France now

going to Europe for 12 days

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Hellstrom and Dr. Strange are here to pull the Avengers’ fat out of the supernatural fire.



I have been a Doctor Strange fan for like 6 years and never thought these two would work.

And now I know

This is awesome. One of my new OTP now

You are a wonderful artist!

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Daimon is such a Doctor Strange fanboy, what a cutie


Doctor Strange | Mads Mikkelsen [Casting Rumor]

There was a sudden loud meow from the floor beside her chair.

Benny looked down and laughed. ‘Yes, Wolsey, I include you as a friend, of course I do.’ She looked up again as Braxiatel returned from the kitchen. ’And you,‘ she said.

'Though I think you‘re wrong.‘

'Oh? What about?‘

'Friends are for ever,‘ Benny told him.

Braxiatel smiled back and lifted the holocube from the table in front of Benny. ‘I didn‘t know there was any surviving video of Watkinson,’  he said. ‘Are you up to a quick look at the great man, or are you too tired?’

'I‘ll do you a deal,‘ Benny said, barely suppressing a yawn. 'You agree to dig out your biography of Watkinson, and I‘ll let you sit up late with me and watch the show.'

- Tears of Oracle 中 -

Romana in 40 seconds

Leela in 40 seconds

don’t forget he used to be blond

Romana is not happy having her memories back after <Lies>

Young Romana & Tutor Brax

*evil grin*

For those who haven’t read this comics, and thinks it’s a lovely curl…

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Red, white and Black by lufieMstark

It’s okay to be miserable.


Submission by mattemilkshake



Submission by mattemilkshake